Born in San Francisco, California , LToure is a Producer/ Recording Artist who is taking captivating music to share with the world how great he can be. Currently making his EP for 2017, he's looking to bring the passion and originality of being yourself back into the industry with motivating and amped music to catch his audience attention.
 LToure  always been apart of music. He started in a church at 3 years old playing the drums. As time progressed, he became fascinated with the piano and begin to learn some of his favorite artist songs to play.  Listening to the details of his favorite artist gave him a good ear to begin making his own music. Creating, writing, producing is now a passion of his and is looking to take it to another level with his style of creativity. He credits Dr. Dre, The Neptunes, Timbaland, and Battlecat as some of may producers who has influenced him in creating.

Although born in California, LToure spent a lot of  time in Amarillo, Tx where he eventually graduated high school and spent childhood. A place where there is not a big music market or opportunity, he was able to accomplish a major buzz from the city back in earl 2000s placing him on the stage with legends from Snoop Dogg to the Temptations.His charismatic style still carries on to this day with smooth head nodding beats ,and a great energy to capture his audience and fans.

LToure currently in Atlanta, GA  and  has a single out called " I Ain't Tryna Hear It" along with a few others coming out 1st quarter of 2017. Also have a few give-aways and merchandise coming out. Stay tune to watch out for this artist this year!